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Karelia UAS library offers focused training on how to use information sources. Training is offered both for new students and the students writing their thesis, as well as the staff of Karelia UAS. The individual needs and the requests of the group are taken into account. For more information please contact library(at)

See library’s help videos at Finna.




Information search workshops for thesis

If you need help for your thesis, welcome the Information search workshops for thesis. You will get advice how to find reliable information sources for your thesis.

Thesis Workshops for Business & IB students

Workshops are held in Dynamo Lounge at Wärtsilä Campus, there is no need to enroll on the workshop. Welcome!

Wed 2.10. from 14 to 15 (cancelled due to sports afternoon)
Wed 6.11. from 14 to 15
Wed 4.12. from 14 to 15

General Information search workshops

Workshops are held at both campuses, Tikkarinne and Wärtsilä, and there is no need to enroll on the workshop. Welcome!

Tikkarinne Campus, library's computer lab E241

Tue 5.11. from 15 to 16
Tue 9.11. from 8 to 9
Tue 10.12. from 8 to 9

Wärtsilä Campus, computer lab LITE145

Thu 24.10. from 8 to 9
Thu 14.11. from 15 to 16
Thu 28.11. from 8 to 9
Thu 12.12. from 15 - 16