Karelia University of Applied Sciences supports immigrants with a higher education to enter education paths and work life


Karelia University of Applied Sciences starts in November 2019 a training program for immigrants, preparing for higher education studies. This training lasts for six months and it focuses on Finnish language studies on a more advanced level, which is needed in university or in expert tasks. During the training, the student acquires readiness and skills for studying in a Finnish university, e.g. in digital competence and study skills. The training program also includes continuous career and study counselling.

There are many immigrants with a higher education in Joensuu region who in spite of their attempts have not found a job corresponding their education level. Very often the obstacle is the lack of Finnish language skills and also that the education acquired abroad does not meet the requirements of Finnish working life. In addition, Finnish employers may not identify prior learning and competence acquired abroad. Immigrants with a higher education often have to complement their competence in a Finnish university or even change the field, Project Manager Hannele Niskanen explains.

Karelia University of Applied Sciences has already arranged this training twice before. The firs training, arranged in spring 2018 resulted in 80% of the students getting a study place in a university or a job in their own field. Likewise, a majority of the students finishing the training in summer 2019 got a study place in a university.

The application for the preparatory training is open until 19 September 2019. The training starts at the beginning of November 2019 and it finishes at the end of April 2020. Further information and application form can be found on the web site of Karelia University of Applied Sciences

In addition to the preparatory training, the immigrants can also attend shorter, individually planned courses based on working life needs in business, engineering or ICT. Those who wish for this kind of training will get an individual study plan, according to which the student can complement one’s competence. The training can start according to agreement.